Eviction Mitigation

Working to ensure that people with high barriers are able to retain housing as a public safety strategy.

Eviction Mitigation works collaboratively with landlords or housing program managers and with clients to problem-solve and resolve the issues that create tension and put eviction on the table.

While PDA subscribes to the evidence-based Housing First paradigm (holding that tackling almost any behavior or health condition is more feasible when an individual is stably and securely housed), it’s an unfortunate truth that some individuals with highest barriers, and highest community impact, struggle tor retain permanent housing once they are placed, because of behaviors and conditions that landlords and housing programs understandably cannot permit.

In 2019, PDA received funding from the King County Veterans, Seniors & Human Services Levy to launch an eviction mitigation program, that would work to avoid eviction for high-barrier clients, not through legal advocacy but rather through mitigating the conditions which prompted housing programs or landlords to get to the point of contemplating eviction.

With the advent of CoLEAD, aftercare for individuals placed in permanent housing after we’ve providing temporary lodging has become an important part of our strategy to prevent program participants from cycling back to the streets, and the Eviction Mitigation program is part of that toolkit.

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