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LEAD Panel Discussion

Panel with LEAD participant, prosecutors, Seattle Police Department, Metro Police Department/Sheriff’s Office, REACH case managers, and neighborhood leaders, facilitated by King County Behavioral Health & Recovery Division.

Frontline: Chasing Heroin

In 2016, Frontline ran a two hour special on what was then referred to as the heroin epidemic. This segment features LEAD as a compelling new framework for responding to drug use in  the second…

What is CoLEAD?

Understand the origin and methods of CoLEAD, the intensive case management and temporary lodging program launched in the early months of the COVID emergency, as the criminal legal system shut down and “the streets became…

The Revolving Door

This segment, produced by ABC News Nightline, features Najja Morris, a counselor in a first of its kind program called LEAD, offering law enforcement assisted diversion. Morris works with people like Turina to make sure…

LEAD Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable discussion with a LEAD participant, his case manager, and the officer who worked with him, made for 2015 White House symposium.