LEAD Support Bureau

Technical support for communities around the US and internationally that seek to implement LEAD.

The LEAD Support Bureau (LSB) was formalized in 2016 to support those who seek to implement LEAD with fidelity to its core principles.

LSB works to answer the scores of requests annually from communities around the US, and internationally, to visit and learn more about the LEAD model, and to get technical assistance in replicating it. Requests had been generated by word of mouth as far back as 2012, but exploded after the release of the University of Washington outcomes evaluation in 2015, which showed that LEAD resulted in lower recidivism, jail use, prison time and felony charges compared to a control group that experienced the system as usual.

The LEAD Support Bureau is staffed by a small team in North Carolina, New York State and Louisiana, with support from the project management team in the flagship LEAD site in Seattle, and a speakers’ bureau of LEAD partner prosecutors, police, public defenders, business and neighborhood leaders, human services providers and political leaders doing this work effectively in communities around the country.

The LEAD Support Bureau contracts for a heightened level of consultation with many jurisdictions, and, to the extent resources permit, may provide occasional consultation pro bono with resource-poor communities or in situations where a community has not yet made a commitment to use this model and is exploring.

Learn more about how our Washington LEAD Technical Support Team guides the replication of the LEAD model in Washington communities.

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Brendan Cox
Director of Policing Strategies, LEAD Support Bureau
Brendan Cox
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