Martin Awachie

Participant Support Specialist Supervisor, CoLEAD
Martin Awachie

Martin was born in Nigeria but grew up in Toronto and the Colorado cities of Fort Collins and Denver. He has a fairly large family located across Canada, Spain and Nigeria.

In his free time, Martin lifts, climbs, takes solo road trips, builds models, does trivia, and listens to history podcasts. He’s an avid EDM and indie pop fan.

Martin has worked for more than a decade in this field, mostly based in communities around Toronto, Colorado, and now Seattle. He brings experience from various organizations such as the Global Refugee Center, Aurora Mental Health & Recovery, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, YouthCare, and Mary’s Place. He has experience in different roles such as teaching, case management, grants writing, coordinating benefits, helping with housing and managing programs. 

He’s passionate about the goals PDA is crafting and looks forward to playing an active role in helping shape them.