Jeremy Russell

Data Coordinator, CoLEAD
Jeremy Russell

Jeremy Russell (he/him) is the Data Coordinator for PDA.

In this role, Jeremy helps to implement, support, update, and manage data pools, technologies, and programmatic processes. He works directly with members of the PDA staff to build further understanding around how to make their work more impactful and efficient. Before coming to PDA, Jeremy worked on a local Mental Health PACT Team, but prior to this entrée into social services, Jeremy worked in Business Systems, Project Management, and Data Analysis roles in technology, finance, and academia.

Jeremy spends a lot of time building a home and future with his partner and enjoys hosting parties for pretty much any occasion. His personal work and self-care focuses on building a community of recovery as a group facilitator and member at Peer Seattle in Capitol Hill where he sits on the leadership council of a group that helps gay/bisexual male-identified folx reduce or stop the use of crystal meth. He truly believes that the power of everyone’s story, shared in a safe space, can light the way back to the path we’ve all found ourselves straying from at one time or another.

Jeremy’s passion, though, lies in standing up for the unheard, oppressed, and marginalized. As a kid, being bullied for much of his young life, Jeremy understands how dangerous it is to let this go unseen and neglected. Having walked through the fires, Jeremy brings a personal strength connected to a deepened capacity for compassion to everything he does at work. He believes in servant leadership, and always shows up with an optimistic, solution-based mindset.