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  • For Vendor Jimmie Wade III, ‘Real Change is My Sanctuary’

For Vendor Jimmie Wade III, ‘Real Change is My Sanctuary’

A client of Eviction of Mitigation (EHV), Jimmie was featured in a recent issue of Real Change (attached below).

When I visited him this week he was showing me his Indeed profile/resume. In addition to his Real Change work, he’s applied to UPS and other jobs. After we used an EHV to move him into his apartment we put in a request to transfer his COPES/CHORES case to a new worker in his area. A year later they still haven’t found anyone for him. Despite the fact that he’s entitled to the maximum hours of chore hours, he’s figured out how to live completely independently. He’ll use Swiffer wet pads from his wheelchair to keep his place clean, get himself in and out of his shower, have Walmart deliver groceries to his apartment, do incremental laundry routines, etc. I feel like he could do his own TED talk! He’s one of the most inspiring humans I have ever met. 

– Steve Bass

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